Case studies

Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert – Since 1993
Mikes – Since 1998

Both businesses are restaurant franchise networks that were looking for an accounting and ERP system integrated into their restaurant system. For both organizations, consistency and homogeneity across the franchise network were key.


Info Synergique implemented Sage ERP (Accpac) with the solution interfacing with the Maitre’D point-of-sale system, integrating data for daily sales and all foodstuffs.

For the past 15 years, Info Synergique has ensured the solution has worked like clockwork and that systems are consistent within the franchise network.

The integration has saved time, simplified management, sped up processing, and increased data accuracy by making the switch from a point-of-sale system to a comprehensive management system. Today, 84 of 101 St-Hubert restaurants have adopted the same solution on the recommendation of the parent company.

Maison Orphée – Since 1998

Maison Orphée is a family-owned business in Quebec City that manufactures first-pressed oils, vinegars, and organic mustards. It has also imports gourmet products. The company chose Sage ERP (Accpac) when it first started–and has put its faith in Info Synergique ever since.


To begin with, the basic management solution hosted various modules that were added one after another as the company grew. Since the solution’s implementation, Maison Orphée has increased revenues and operations with a management system adapted to its needs. It has also integrated the system with major distribution networks belonging to the likes of IGA, Provigo, and Sobeys. Today, results are analyzed using the BI Accpac Intelligence system.

Éthypharm – Since 1999

Éthypharm is a pharmaceutical research center. Info Synergique first worked with the company as an IT consultant. The company was then tasked with implementing an ERP system from its first day of business.


The solution from Day One was a network equipment set and a small ERP system that grew to meet changing needs and project costs. Modules were gradually integrated until the result was a comprehensive installation:

  • Inventory system with follow-up for clinical lot numbers
  • Follow-up number management
  • Project cost management
  • Sophisticated reports (business intelligence)

The system has been certified by America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA), leading to greater public protection by ensuring that medications can be traced.

Miosis Optometry Clinics – Since 1996

Looking to replace its outdated Unix system, Miosis put its trust in Info Synergique’s optometry expertise for its chain of clinics.


The solution was comprised of Sage ERP (Accpac) with an inventory module, enhanced by Info Synergique’s point-of-sale and clinical management system. It manages all aspects of the clinic, from administration and detailed inventory follow-up to financial statements. Recognized by RAMQ via the TIP/I protocol, the system is electronically integrated with RAMQ and has reduced the time taken to receive doctors’ fees by seven weeks!

Aveos Fleet Performance (Air Canada division maintenance) – Since 2009

Aveos provides mechanical maintenance services to Air Canada and other airlines at all Canadian airports. It needed an invoicing solution that could be integrated into its mechanical invoicing system as well as quickly put in place while waiting for a new global system.


The solution produces invoices and communicates upstream and downstream with the SQL systems already in place, enabling Aveos to remain operational throughout the transition.

Posera Software, Maitre'D Manufacturer

Posera Software is a software development company and the manufacturer of Maitre’D, the restaurant software that won the RSPA award in 2009. The company needed to find a perfectly integrated CRM and ERP to meet the needs of their call center, generate technical support tickets, and manage follow-ups. The multi-country solution also had to manage various currencies and consolidate results from different locations.


The implemented solution included Sage ERP (Accpac) and CRM. Client relation management, seamlessly integrated into the management system, supported the growth of Posera Software and met the company’s detailed reporting needs on client management and financial information.

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