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Sage ERP (Accpac)

Sage ERP (Accpac) is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software program that provides an overview of your business, solid financial reports, and trend charts that allow you to gauge strategies to make your business even more competitive.

Sage ERP (Accpac) takes a modular approach to meet your requirements at all times, whether your business is starting up, getting bigger, or expanding into international markets.

Sage ERP (Accpac) covers the following functions:

  • Accounting and financial management
  • Operations management
  • Client relations management and CRM sales
  • Warehouse management
  • Capital asset management
  • Electronic transactions management

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Sage ERP (Accpac) Integration at Your Company

Info Synergique has specialized in Accpac integration for over 20 years and ensures successful implementation by:

  • Analyzing your ERP requirements
  • Analyzing your networking and equipment
  • Designing a networking solution adapted to your needs
  • Integrating, implementing, and installing equipment, networks, and software
  • Training your staff
  • Providing support and post-implementation service

For 20 years, our know-how has ensured the success of our clients’ implementation projects. See our portfolio of client projects.

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